When caring isn't enough in a care home

Since the change in the assessment criteria used by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in 2015, the care home sector has needed to familiarise itself with the new standards of care expected of it.

In the past month (Feb / Mar 2016), in excess of 30% of all inspection reports showed services were either inadequate or requiring improvement.


Homes that overall require improvement are re-inspected again after 6 months to ensure overall compliance. The impact on a care home of not being ready and failing a CQC inspection can lead to legal enforcement notification or notice of proposal if continued non-compliance occurs, ultimately residents lose their home and the home will close.


Many reports highlighted that services were good at caring, however there are often deficiencies in the other key lines of enquiry (KLOE) inspection areas. Whilst it is more than likely that care home providers are aware of the standards, quality systems have yet to reflect these and internal audits are not measuring against them. It is therefore evident that care home providers are not adequately reviewing the standards expected of them in providing a “Good” all round service or audit is carried out by personnel too close to the subject and potentially outcome biased.


To ensure that upon inspection, services do not add to the 30% requiring improvement, internal audits must be focused on the full KLOE spectrum and robust audit practice must be transparent, cover all aspects of the CQC inspection report standards, something that should always be completed by external auditors, fully familiar with the process, using appropriate tools.


At B4M, we do not want any service to be the ONE in THREE that fails the CQC inspection process. This statistic is too high. In order to avoid becoming a statistic, we have developed, and deliver robust systems covering the full KLOE areas that will prepare you, your team and your home for your next inspection.


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