Nursing shortages - under pressure

The shortage of nursing staff has for sometime been a significant problem for the care sector. The process of recruiting and retaining suitable staff is constant and offers little, or no respite for care home managers and providers.


The impact of the nursing shortage for those running a nursing care home effects many areas, the time spent by a manager can be exhaustive. The role of the home manager is to ensure the ongoing safety of residents, delivery of quality care and ensure the service is financially viable. Therefore, any activity that diverts time from directly achieving these things is inefficient and potentially puts a service at risk.


It is widely accepted that whilst agency staff provide a tremendous service and the running of care homes could be compromised without them, there are limitations that impact on other staff.


Under CQC standards, care homes are measured against five key areas and the outcome of any inspection will lead to an overall rating (Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement or Inadequate). It is the responsibility of a service to monitor its own performance against these standards and it is widely accepted that compliance audits are the most effective tool to identify areas of strength or weakness. Like any tool however, the quality of this is important as is the timeliness and attention that is given to its completion in providing a true and fair assessment.


It is no surprise therefore that services with staffing challenges, with managers whose time is diluted in dealing with ongoing staffing problems, will struggle to complete all duties as adequately and robustly as they would wish. Compliance audits can be overlooked or perhaps biased, leading to a skewed outcome. This of course assumes that the audit tool is robust in its construction and meets current CQC auditing process.


We have a solution!


B4M Group offer a robust suite of compliance audits that can be delivered care homes of all size. Our auditors will attend your site and carry out an extensive, unbiased and robust assessment of your facility. Following the audit we will provide you with a detailed action plan, highlighting areas of potential improvement. We can carry this out either as a one-off review or regularly to suit your needs. The effectiveness of this audit is guaranteed and will not only pay for itself, will enable you as a provider to benefit from longer term benefits.


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