Joining the dots

It is often seen that different business departments pull in opposite directions and their respective goals are seen as working to counter each other. The objectives of the organisation can be easily forgotten in the pursuit of departmental targets being met or periods of stress placed on particular areas of business.


Within a care home environment, the pursuit of quality care is a key driver and the focus of the service should be on delivering high standards of care to the residents who reside there. However, if for example a service is suffering from low occupancy levels, putting a strain on capital resources, the ill sighted tendency of a finance function can be to put up barriers that restricts the flow of this scare resource. Placing such restrictions may prohibit the operational function from generating enquiries and attracting new residents into the service.


So how can you focus the strength of your teams and improve the flow and use of important information within the service?


The answer lies with joining the dots between operations and finance, and not from keeping these two key elements of the organisation at arms length from each other.


Does your service produce key management information reports? Would you like it too but lack the time or the resources to put this together? Are these separate documents from either side of the divide?


Utilising our skills and experience and using your existing systems, we can develop with you effective reporting systems in a way that both compliments existing structures and delivers timely information.



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