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Welcome to B4M Group, providers of enhanced care home CQC compliance auditing services, search & selection, policies & procedures, Quality Assessment and Monitoring frameworks, consultancy and management services in England, Scotland and Wales.



At the B4M Group, we offer a range of care home compliance auditing services, robustly designed to provide your service with the power to improve the quality of the care you offer and your quality rating. Our healthcare compliance audit tools have been designed robustly with focused action plans to help prepare for CQC inspection and to help you improve your CQC inspection report.


We offer a range of compliance audit packages that will suit your needs. We would love to hear from, so please contact us today using the form below, to discuss how we can help you.

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About our compliance audits


We believe at B4M that your healthcare compliance audits should enable you to exceed CQC regulatory requirements. We have developed a robust suite of CQC compliance auditing tools to suit every service. By delivering comprehensive care home compliance audits, you have the power to identify strengths in your business and importantly areas that require improvement to not just meet, but exceed CQC requirements. We ensure that our care home compliance audits are always reflective of current legislation and focused on providing you with outcome based action plans.


Developed to help you achieve the best possible CQC inspection outcome our care home compliance audits are the best there is in the market. Our passion to help you achieve the highest level of quality care is evident through every step of the process you take with B4M Group.


What our audits offer


We offer individual care home compliance audits or mixed packages, on a one-off basis or regular visits to suit your needs. Delivered by our team of highly skilled and experienced audit colleagues with decades of experience in managing care homes through periods of change, restructure and crisis, you are assured of the best compliance outcome.


The B4M approach to compliance auditing will allow you to keep your own skilled resources focusing on delivering quality care to your service users. Thereby removing the need for your care staff from completing any compliance audits directly.


Once a compliance audit has been carried out, we will feedback clearly to the service provider using both written and visual audit tools.


Our healthcare compliance audits deliver robust and focused action plans that you can use to improve and maintain the high quality compliance standards you desire.


KLOE compliance audits include

  • Well Led
  • Caring
  • Effective
  • Responsive
  • Safe






How our compliance audits are packaged


We offer more than 20 different care home compliance audits, ranging from the 5 KLOE's to more individually focused compliance audits such as medication which allows you to audit a specific area of compliance within your care home service.


With such a wide range of compliance audits available, we provide flexbility around your care home compliance needs to help you meet and exceed CQC requirements, for example you may be compliant in three out of the five areas that CQC require your care home service to be compliant in, you can therefore create a bespoke care compliance audit package to meet your needs.


We understand the needs of auditing in care homes and our services will take the challenge out of this process. Auditing in care homes is a vital component of the running of the service and done right will help to improve the standards or care delivered.


Action Plans and Compliance feedback


The unique aspect to our care home compliance audits is the concise and informative method in which every compliance audit is feedback and the way in which the action plans are structured.


Each compliance audit includes a audit outcome overview, providing a series of visual indicators that rate your compliance in each area of the audit. Using a clearly identifiable scoring structure, feedback and understanding of how each compliance audit has scored is both quick and efficient.


An action plan is provided following each compliance audit completion, highlighting any specific non-compliance items and the remedial action to be taken in order to achieve compliance withing your care home.


Post audit support


The journey with B4M does not end once the compliance audit has been carried out, we are on hand to support any improvements necessary at every step. We provide both telephone and email support and if necessary can provide more detailed on-site support as and when required.


Crisis Support


In the event that your home requires greater support, our care home compliance audits can be used during times of crisis management. We are acutely aware of the challenges that care homes can face during these periods of crisis, with all of our audit colleagues having experienced this.


B4M Group are therefore the perfect partner for your service to help you steer your service to a stronger position and our care home compliance audits will form a strategic part of that process.


Contact us today to discuss how our care home compliance audits can work for you.







Compliance audits offered

  • Medication
  • Care Plans
  • Dining Experience
  • Infection Control
  • Financial & Administration
  • Health & Safety
  • Marketing assessments
  • And many more


Children services
Day Care
End of Life



'the action or fact of complying with a wish or command'




'an official inspection of an organization's accounts, typically by an independent body'


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