Are your care home policies up to date? Do they reflect current legislation? No time to review and update? If your answer is NO to any of these questions then let B4M Group policies and procedures take the stress away from you!


We offer a comprehensive suite of policies and procedures for the use in care services.


Individual documents can be purchased and delivered electronically for immediate introduction, or complete sets can be purchased at discounted rates.


Each policy can customised to include the name of your service and even your logo can be added. For a FREE sample, click the link below .


We also offer a range of forms and documentation, if you cannot see what you are looking for please contact us for more information!




Health and Safety policies and procedures
Administration policies and procedures
Catering policies and procedures
Domestic and laundry policies and procedures
Infection Control policies and procedures
Quality policies and procedures
Staff and HR policies and procedures

Health & Safety



Domestic & Laundry

Infection Control


Staff / HR

Including Risk assessments, H&S at work, maintenance procedures and Emergency procedures

Policies covering a wide range of administration related activities including telephone answering, petty cash control, data protection and lost property

Procedures for handling, preparation and storage of food

Cleaning & laundry procedures

Includes procedures for the management of infection control, hand hygiene and the management of outbreaks

Complaints, accident & incident monitoring and procedures for the control of records

Procedures and policies relating to staff / Human Resources including recruitment, appraisals, supervision, training and uniforms

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