Mock CQC Inspection

A Mock CQC Inspection visit will benefit your care service. It will review your Care Compliance Standards before the Care Quality Commission (CQC) knock on your door

We can help you by carrying out a mock CQC inspection audit. A Mock CQC Inspection is a robust review of your regulated care service. Following the same principles used by CQC during a care service review. The Mock CQC Inspection will follow the key lines of enquiry (KLOE) to identify areas of care compliance and risk in your CQC regulated service.

The benefit of a Mock CQC Inspection is to identify, record and highlight areas of both good practice and aspects of non-compliance within regulated care activities. The inspections are carried out by one of our many experienced care compliance auditors. Following the same principles that will be used by CQC that results in a publicly recorded compliance visit, your service will undergo a robust review. Inspection visits can be either announced or unannounced at your discretion.

The quality auditor will provide verbal feeback at the end of the Mock CQC Inspection, outlining key findings. Following the visit, you will promptly receive a detailed inspection findings report, action plan and a detailed service rating. We aim to issue reports within 3 working days of the visit, allowing proactive changes to be effected promptly.

Post-visit support is provided to services via telephone, email and if required follow up visits can be arranged.

We can provide tailored support packages for registered CQC providers as part of a Care Quality & Compliance Programme. This is applicable to both single site providers or multi-site care groups.

Providers who establish a pro-active Quality & Care Compliance system are more likely to demonstrate higher standard of being Well Led. Regular compliance visit and Mock CQC Inspection is proven to deliver higher standards against the regulated standards of care. 

Mock CQC Inspection Good rating
Mock CQC Inspection
Mock CQC Inspection Outstanding rating

B4M Group your Care Quality Business Partner

Take advantage of the B4M Group Mock CQC Inspection service. Each care compliance visit will typically last between one to two days depending on the size and complexity of your care service. The inspection can be arranged for a date and time that suits your organisations needs.

Choose from either the Silver or Gold standard. A B4M Group Mock CQC Inspection audit will give you the knowledge of how you can expect to be rated when CQC inspect your service. More importantly, it provides you as a registerd provider with the power and facts of an external, unbiased perspective of where your care service is positioned. Allowing focus on specific key areas where improvements can be made to achive a good or outstandin rating.

Allow B4M Group to work with you and your team to identify areas that may require improvement as well as your strengths, good and outstanding practice. We will provide you with support both before and after your inspection visit. Being prepared, confident and positive in readiness for being inspected by CQC.

Make your next action a positive step and book your Mock CQC Inspection

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